ATM Card AMC | Annual Maintenance Charge

If you are a bank customer, you must have heard the term ATM Card AMC. This term is connected with your debit card. In this article, we will let you know that what the mean of ATM card AMC and how much are the rates of AMC. There are variations between the charges of AMC among all banks. These charges are taken by the bank when you make some online transactions or use the swipe machine. Banks also charge you annual AMC charges for their debit card services.

What is the full form of AMC?

The full form of AMC is – Annual Maintenance Charge.

You can easily guess by the full form that these are some kind of charges applicable on your atm card. So we can simply say that bank charges us with some money when we use their ATM card services. In most cases, ATM Card AMC is free, but on some cards, you have to pay the AMC.

SBI Debit Card AMC Charges

Here is a list of charges applicable on your State bank of India Debit Card:

AMC on state bank of india debit cards

Why Banks apply AMC?

In return for their valuable services, banks charge the AMC from their customers. They use these financial benefits to improve their services. You can make transactions from anywhere nowadays with the help of your debit card. So AMC helps the bank to provide better services to the customers.

How to avoid AMC Charges?

If you don’t want to pay these charges, you can easily choose some free debit cards. Bank will give a lot many options before issuing the card. Every card has some limitations and perks to offer. The customer can easily choose them and can save their money by choosing the free debit card.


In this article, we have explained that what is atm or debit card AMC. If you want to know anything about this topic, please drop a comment in the box. You can also visit the official website of the State Bank of India, to know their all charges.

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