How to Activate SBI Debit Card | SBI Pin Generation [Complete Guide]

So, you are a State Bank of India customer and got a new ATM card or say it a Debit card. Now here is the thing that you want to activate this debit card of sbi bank. There are multiple ways to do so and we will let you know every possible way. I request you to go through this complete guide to activate the debit card.

If you are a new customer of the State bank of India, you should know that it’s the biggest bank in India. Every day they issue a lot many debit cards to their customers. If you have got your first debit card, use these ways to activate the same.

  1. Activate your Sbi debit card through atm machine
  2. Debit Card activation through SMS
  3. By accessing the internet banking
  4. Through the call support of SBI
  5. Via Bank Branch

Now let’s see how you can use all of these options to activate your debit card.

Activate your SBI Debit card through ATM

This is one of the most used processes to activate the card. Follow these steps to generate your pin for the first time via atm.

  1. Locate your nearby SBI ATM
  2. Insert your debit card into the atm
  3. Select for the language
  4. Now it will ask you the option to generate the pin
  5. Click on the option
  6. Enter your mobile number followed by the bank account
  7. Make sure the details are correct
  8. Press the submit button
  9. You will receive an OTP on the registered number
  10. Enter the OTP into the box
  11. Create your pin and verify the same
  12. Now you will able to use your debit card in a normal manner

How to activate SBI debit card by SMS

If you don’t want to go to the ATM machine you can easily generate your pin through the SMS service. State Bank of India provides SMS numbers to help up the customers. So follow these easy steps to activate your debit card via sending an SMS:

  1. Open the text message application on your phone
  2. Start typing a new message
  3. Type these in the same order: Pin [Space] Last four digits of your debit card [Space] Last four digits of the bank account number
  4. You have to send this SMS to 567676
  5. Within the next 24 hours, sbi will send you an SMS containing your atm pin
  6. Visit the nearest ATM Machine
  7. Enter your debit card
  8. Submit your new pin and your card will get activated
  9. Now you can also change the pin as per requirement

By accessing the internet banking

How to activate sbi debit card with net banking

Most of the times customer don’t choose this option. This is easy but they get the debit cards before internet banking accessible. If you already have access to your internet banking, then you are good to go.

  1. First thing first, visit the official website of the state bank of India, which is
  2. Locate the net banking button on the top left
  3. Go go the personal banking section
  4. There you can see two options, log in and the yono sbi
  5. Click on the login
  6. Insert username, password, and captcha code in specific fields
  7. Now go to the e-services section
  8. There you can see the atm card services
  9. Find the ATM pin generation option there
  10. Enter your banking password to generate the debit card pin
  11. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number
  12. Choose the card number from the list
  13. Enter the desired pin
  14. Now it will be delivered to your registered mobile number through SMS
  15. A notification will also be sent to your mail-id as well
  16. Now access your new debit card easily with any atm machine

Through the call support of SBI

The IVR service is another option to activate a sbi debit card.

  1. Toll-free number of SBI IVR service is 1800112211 and 18004253800
  2. You may contact any of the numbers
  3. Enter your debit card number as asked by the telephone support
  4. Also you have to enter your account number
  5. Now you will receive the atm pin on your phone
  6. Go to the atm machine and use the pin

Via Bank Branch

This is the most orthodox method used by customers. If you are completely unaware of the atm, NetBanking, or SMS services, visit the branch.There show your passbook along with your debit card and they will help you to generate the pin.


In this article, we have elaborated on every single way that how to activate the sbi debit card. If you face any issues related to the activation, please let us know in the comment box.

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