Letter to the bank manager for correction of Name spelling

Many times you may face a lot many problems due to the mistake in your name. In this article, we will let you know how to write a letter to the bank manager for correction of name spelling.

Firstly we have to understand why these conditions occur that we need to change the name in our records. If your name has been recorded wrong by mistake in bank records and you want to change it through an application, you can write it easily.

You have to check your aadhar card, voter card, and bank passbook for the correction of records in your bank. If the records are not matching from aadhar card or voter id card then you should write this application.

When you will write this application to the bank manager, he will verify your documents and the bank will correct your name in the bank records. So this is the simplest process for writing a letter to the bank manager for correction of name spelling.

Suppose you have the name Aditya Kumar Verma in your aadhar card and it has been changed to Aditya Kumar in your bank passbook, then write this application.

Application format for correction of name in bank records

Write this following letter:


The Branch Manager,

Name of Your Bank,

Pin Code of Bank Area

Subject: Regarding correction of name spelling in Bank Records

Respect Sir/Madam,

This is to bring into your kind notice that my name is incorrect in my bank records. My account number in your bank is __________.

The name in bank records is XXXXXX and my correct name is XXXXXXXX.

I have attached the supporting documents that will be required to correct my name in bank records.

Request you to kindly correct my name in bank records. If you require any assistance from my side, I have mentioned all my contact details below.

Thanks and Regards


Mobile Number :

Date of Application :

Attached Herewith:

Aadhar Card
Voter ID Card

(Note: Please change the XXXXXXXXX values with the name.)


Here we have explained how to write a letter to the bank manager for name spelling correction. This application will help you to correct your name in bank records and passbook. If you have any queries related to this topic, please drop a message in the comment box.

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