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If you are looking for information about Price chopper direct connect, then you will get everything here about the same. In this article, we will explain that how you can use the direct connect portal for login and other stuff. So check out this article and get every detail related to this topic.

About Price chopper direct connect portal

Price chopper direct connects or my price chopper is a single sign-on portal designed by price chopper. This is a portal made for the employees of the organization. All the employees of price chopper supermarket need to create an account on this portal. With the help of the price chopper direct connect portal they can access everything related to their work.

On the direct connect portal employees can check out their schedule of work and the job timings as well. They have a unique system to connect all the employees on a single platform. As a price chopper employee, you can get in touch with every piece of information about the company with the help of this portal.

You have to simply register with the portal and then you can access all the great stuff at your fingertips. Here we will let you know that how you can access this portal.

How to register with Price chopper direct connect

price chopper direct connect registration

If you joined the organization recently, then you will need to register yourself with the direct connect portal. Follow these simple steps to register with the portal:

  • Access the registration portal with this link
  • There you can see three options which are Change password, reset password and register
  • Click on the register option
  • Now you will be able to see a signup form
  • In the first column, fill your unique id
  • The Unique id is can be made as per your choice and availability
  • Second and third option is for password and confirmation of password
  • We suggest you choose a strong password
  • Both the password match for the registration
  • Next few steps are for security questions, you can choose them at per convenience
  • Once the form completely filled you have to click on the submit button
  • Remember your password and secret questions for future reference

How to login direct connect price chopper

price chopper direct connect login

Once you are done with the registration process, you can easily login to your direct connect account. Follow these simple steps to sign in to the employee portal of price chopper:

  • At the very first, visit the official website of Price chopper direct connect
  • There you will the login box to fill in unique id and password
  • You have to enter the same information, that you have set at the time of registration
  • Click on the login button
  • If all the information is correct, you will be able to access your dashboard immediately
  • With the login form, you can also check out some tips related to your login, on the official page

Forgot password or Reset Password on direct connect

price chopper change password

It might be a big task to remember all of your passwords. We always suggest you use a password manager that can remember all of your login credentials. But in case you have forgotten the password, follow these easy steps to recover or reset your password.

  • Visit the official link of user management
  • Click on the option of Reset password
  • Enter your unique id
  • System will ask about the secret questions
  • Enter all the secret answer correctly
  • Now you can enter your new password
  • Login with your new credentials

Change your password on the portal

user management

In some cases, you want to update your password. The reason behind this may be that the password has been leaked or the old password isn’t strong enough. On the price chopper direct connect login portal, you can easily update the password.

  • Open the official user management page in your browser
  • Select the change password option
  • Enter the old password
  • Fill in your new password and confirm the same

About Price Chopper Supermarkets

Price Chopper is located in around 150 locations all around the United States of America. The supermarket chain was founded in 1932 in New York. They have around 25000 employees working for them. The headquarters of this organization is located on Nott Street, Downtown Schenectady. They deal in frozen foods, meat, snacks, and liquors. You can also shop for many other grocery items in the price chopper supermarket. If you want further details regarding their line of business and products, you can visit the official website.

Benefits of Price chopper direct connect

As we have mentioned earlier the direct connect portal is made of the employees. So as an employee, you can take the following benefits with this portal:

  • Employees can check about their work schedule and timing. The real-time dashboard shows that when your shift starts and when it ends
  • You can always check about your attendance on this portal. This will also let you know that how much time you were working in a week or month
  • With the direct connect portal, employees can apply for leave. The portal is like an HRMS system that calculates everything automatically
  • The direct connect portal can tell you about your work progress, also you can connect with your supervisor
  • You can also connect with your colleagues on this portal

So these are some main features of this portal. With Price Chopper Direct connect login you can simply add your attendance and mention the time in and out.

Official login help for direct connect price chopper

We have mentioned almost everything in this but if still have some issues with the login, try contacting the officials:

Official Website:

Phone: 1800-666-7667


In this article, we have explained that how you can log in to price chopper direct connect. If there are any questions remaining related to this topic, you can drop a comment. You can also reach official links as mentioned earlier.

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