| Download Telugu and Tamil Movies at ThiraiHD is another pirated website available on the internet. This website is famous for Tamil and Telugu Dubbed Movies Download. In the time of fast internet, every internet user looks for some free sources of entertainment Download. With Thiraihd, you can do unlimited movie downloads. All the movies available on this website are in full HD format. In this article, we will explain everything about the website. We will also share some links so that you could access o the website. But here will like to tell you that the use of these kinds of websites is illegal in India. We always encourage our readers to oppose such kinds of websites.

How to download movies from

Basically, the use of this kind of website is very easy to use. You can access the content by following some easy steps. We would like to tell you that the revenue model of these kinds of websites is based on pop-up ads. You might have faced these kinds of ads a lot many times. If you will click on any part of the page or you will move the cursor, an ad will open asap in a new window. Such kind of ad can lead you to malicious sites. Every user of this website should use antivirus software for their own protection. Because if any software will be downloaded to your device, you have to face multiple issues. In the next part, we will explain that how to download movies from thiraihd.

Step by Step Process to download from

Before accessing such a website, you should connect the internet connection to VPN software. Most of the time, the government blocks these domains in India. So with the help of a VPN, you can connect to them. This process will be illegal even after you use the VPN. Follow these steps and Download Tamil and Telugu movie from the website:

  • First of all you will require a browser-based device
  • The speed of the internet must be good
  • Connect the internet to VPN software
  • Enter the URL of the website into your browser
  • You will be able to see the homepage of websites
  • Search your desired content
  • Download with a specific quality selection

Categories Available on Thiraihd

If you visit such a website, you must know there is always a search bar available on the top. You can get everything available on this website by using that bar. But in case you want to explore the categories available on the website, here is a list of categories Available on Thiraihd. xyz:

  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Web Series
  • Dubbed HD Hollywood movies
  • 720p Tamil movies
  • Full HD Telugu Movies
  • Bhojpuri Movies
  • Malayalam Dubbed Movies
  • Dual Audio Hd Movies Download

Website visitors can choose the category as per their requirements and choice.

Alongside these categories, there are many other categories available on the website. You can go through them.

Some alternatives of Thiraihd

This is not the only website that leaked movies and shows online. There is a big list available of such websites. The government always takes strict action on these websites. But they always publish a new domain in meantime. Here is a list of such websites:

These all alternatives here are illegal. We would suggest you not use any of these websites. But here are some legal alternatives that are also available. See the list below.

Legal alternatives of Website

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Airtel TV
  • Jio Tv
  • Amazon Prime
  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • Alt Balaji

We always suggest you use these platforms because these are approved by the Government of India. Users can buy a paid subscription to these websites and can enjoy the services.

Is this website illegal?

This website is completely illegal. The use of this website is a criminal offense. All the materials available on this torrent website are illegal and leaked without any authorization.Browsing these websites in India will cause trouble for you. So please be aware of this website.

Picture format available on the website

There are multiple formats of movies available on the website. The various formats available are:

  • Bluray Movies Download
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • DVD Rip
  • 480p

Government action over pirated websites

The government of India is very strict towards piracy. Every year many production houses and the entire film industry faces big losses due to piracy. If someone will be guilty of piracy, he has to face a penalty of 10 Lakh and a jail term of 3 years as per the cinematography act.

Disclaimer does not support pirated websites. We always encourage our readers to use public and paid platforms. This article is only for awareness. Be aware of piracy and pirated content.

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