Unable to send SMS from Airtel | Airtel sim not receiving SMS

Unable to send SMS from Airtel– Hello guys, you are reading this article because due to some issues your airtel outgoing or incoming SMS not working.

We will show every possible technical trouble that can block your outgoing or incoming SMS service in Airtel.Read this article carefully and we will let you know that how you can resolve the issue of outgoing SMS service in Airtel. This article will also show you that why you can see message sending failed in airtel.

There might be multiple causes that can stop the SMS service in your airtel number on android. Let’s see every problem step by step so that you could understand the action to be taken in this situation.

What to do when not able to send SMS from airtel?

At the very first, you should try removing your sim card and insert it again in another sim slot. If you can manage another mobile phone that will be very good.

Once you have inserted the airtel sim, turn on your phone and check the SMS service. This step will verify that there are no issues with the hardware. If the sim is working after the change, there are no issues with the sim card. Here you will need to change your phone.

3 Major Reasons that why you are unable to send SMS from Airtel

You are not able to send SMS from airtel and looking for the solution, then you are in the right place. We will show you the major factors that will stop your SMS service on airtel. Also, we are gonna share the solution for every scenario.

1. Airtel Sms not Working after sim port

Whenever you change your network from another network to airtel, your SMS might be blocked. There is a standard procedure that for security purposes, airtel blocks your SMS service for 48 hours after port. They deactivate your SMS service because if someone will port your sim without your permission, he will not be accessed OTP and other SMS-related information.

Moreover, you can try contacting customer care services, if you want to start the SMS service before 48 hours. But in most cases, your demand will be rejected.

2. Sms service not working on non-operated sim

When a user does not send any SMS from the sim or does not make any call from airtel, the service can deactivation. In such a case, you should check your recharge status first. If you have a negative or zero balance then you will not be able to send SMS from airtel. You can also try to call someone. In the case of service deactivation, the operator will tell you that why your SMS services have been blocked on airtel. Now you should try to reach airtel customer care for a solution.

3. I am unable to send SMS from airtel due to the wrong SMS center number

It’s the time of smartphones and the SMS center number is automatically configured in most of the phone. But if your SMS center number is wrong, you won’t be able to send SMS from your airtel.

In that scenario, you will see a pop-up on the screen that will show you that your SMS center number is wrong. For the solution of this issue, call to customer care number and ask them for the correct SMS center number.

Not Receiving any SMS on airtel?

You can easily understand the causes behind this trouble. If the memory of your phone has been full, it will notify you the same. Sometimes full DND service can also block your incoming message. So, firstly check out the reason behind the problem, then go for a solution.

Closing Words

Here we have shown that what you should do when you are unable to send SMS from an airtel sim card. The customers can also reach customer care services if they are unable to receive SMS on airtel. If you have any questions related to this article, you can write us in the comment box. Also, you can visit the official website of Airtel.

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